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Choral Evensong

St. Peter’s Cathedral presents Choral Evensong on the third Sunday of each month at 5 pm, preceded by an organ prelude at 4:45 pm. At all such services, we ask only for a freewill offering from those who attend, and all are invited to the receptions that follow.

Sept. 19
Music: Ayleward, Stanford’s Evening Canticles in G.

Oct. 17
Music: Neary, and the lively Bryan Kelly’s “Latin America” Evening Canticles.

Nov. 21
Music: Stanford’s Evening Canticles in C; featuring the  choir of the St. Petersburg Deanery.

Dec. 19
Music: A Solemn Choral Evensong for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, including Herbert Howells’ Collegium Regale Evening Canticles.

Jan. 16
Music: Sanders, and William Mathias’s Jesus College Evening Canticles.

Feb. 20
Music: Neary, and Gerald Near’s St. Mark’s Evening Canticles.

March 20
Music: Ebdon, and Thomas Tallis’s “Short” Service.

May 15
Music: Reading, and Dyson’s Evening Canticles in G.


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