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Inquirer’s Classes

St. Peter’s Inquirer’s Classes will be offered on the third Sunday of the month from September, 2010 through April 2011, 6-7 pm, immediately following our monthly Choral Evensong service. These classes will be designed for all those interested in learning more about the basics of our worship, history and ministry here at St. Peter’s. A simple supper will be provided.

If desired, the classes may culminate in Confirmation or Reception here at the Cathedral during the Confirmation & Reception service with Bishop Dabney Smith on Saturday, April 30, 2011. But anyone may attend the classes regardless of their intention to be confirmed or received formally within the Episcopal Church. The dates of these monthly Sunday evening classes, 6-8 pm, are:

Sept. 19Oct. 17Nov. 21Dec. 19Jan. 16Feb. 20, and March 20

Topics will include an overall examination of Christian worship (including a more specific exploration of the liturgy of the Episcopal Church), a survey of Christian theological thought down through the centuries, especially those peculiarly Anglican ideas, such as the Via Media (or “middle way”) of embracing both Protestant and Catholic modes of being Christian; as well as the “three-legged stool”–of scripture, tradition and reason–on which all Anglican thought rests.

We’ll also discuss the myriad modes of Biblical interpretation, as well as how we can use them to recognize the vital message the Bible can still deliever to us today. And we’ll take on questions of belief versus action: Must we believe certain things to call ourselves a Christian? Or must we live a certain way? And how might our beliefs and actions relate to one another as we struggle to build a relationship with God?

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