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Might the Kingdom of Heaven have a place for Facebook?

October 15, 2010

Tonight, our Youth Group will attend a showing of the whip-smart and intense new David Fincher movie, “The Social Network,” which chronicles the rise of Facebook. And then we plan to discuss how Facebook and other social networking tools have changed and are changing the way we build community nowadays.

I believe it’s truly wonderful and amazing how much Facebook, text-messaging, email, smart-phones and all the rest have enhanced our ability to make and maintain interpersonal connections.

Recently, I was reading the popular crime novel The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (from which Fincher plans to make his next movie) and it referred in passing to how college friends always lose track of one another after they leave school and go their separate ways in life.

Well, thanks to the internet, that is not my experience at all. In the 15 years since I left college, I have kept in constant more-than-daily contact with my 9 best friends from college–mostly through email, but more recently through Facebook, as well as photo-sharing sites like Picasa and Snapfish. And we’ve maintained this constant sense of community and connection over vast distances. Right now, we all live in the U.S., but we’re still quite scattered–with me in Florida, one guy in Texas, a few sprinkled around California, one in Pennsylvania, some in New York and New Jersey, and one up in New England. But over the past 15 years in which we’ve maintained our friendships and our sense of community with one another, we have all moved many times, with some taking up long-term residence in places like Costa Rica and Uganda.

So I, for one, am a convert. I think that all these social networking tools have a tremendous ability to be used to build the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

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