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‘Be Larger Than Life’

September 1, 2010

Someone just sent me this listing for a Jesus costume from The site’s blurb states:

Be larger than life. Volunteer to be Jesus for your next church-related holiday show. Or if you just like being worshipped or enjoy saving sinners’ lost souls, go as Jesus for your next costume or themed party. Complete costume set includes white robe with attached red shoulder drape, a curly Jesus wig & beard set, & of course, the crown of thorns.

“Of course! Of course, the crown of thorns–who could forget that particular instrument of torture and humiliation–ha, ha, ha.”

This reminds me of when I was a local newspaper reporter in Charlotte, North Carolina. I once wrote a big feature article on all the elaborate passion plays that various churches in the Charlotte area put on at Easter time. The most elaborate of the bunch had two guys playing Jesus. One of them–who was a fairly dedicated amateur actor–portrayed Jesus during the bulk of the play, acting out healings and miracles and the trial and so forth. But then, during the crucifixion scene, another guy who had to undergo hours of make-up all over his body was hoisted up as the “stunt Jesus.”

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