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The Daily Dish

August 20, 2010

A Presbyterian pastor recently wrote an email to Andrew Sullivan commending his blog, “The Daily Dish,” as a “sermon-prep resource.” And that inspired me to put in this little plug for Sullivan and his blog (hosted by The Atlantic Monthly on-line).

Sullivan is a seasoned journalist–who once served as editor of The New Republic, and has contributed to every major magazine and newspaper you can think of. And he’s a true iconoclast–try as one might, it’s hard to put him and his point of view in a box. He is a conservative politically, who reveres Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, but who came to despise the Bush/Cheney administration and heavily supported Obama. He’s also a devout Roman Catholic and a married gay man (married to another man that is) who has written a great deal on the spiritual value of marriage for all people (gay and straight).

I often disagree with his view of things, but I never fail to be inspired and informed by his prolific writing. And, I must admit, I have Sullivan to thank for pointing me toward many of the articles I post here.

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