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At the hour of our death…

August 20, 2010

Speaking of Andrew Sullivan (see below), last Sunday, he posted an excerpt from James Boswell’s account of visiting the great atheist and skeptic philosopher David Hume on his deathbed:

He had once said to me, on a forenoon while the sun was shining bright, that he did not wish to be immortal. This was a most wonderful thought. The reason he gave was that he was very well in this state of being, and that the chances were very much against his being so well in another state; and he would rather not be more than be worse. I answered that it was reasonable to hope he would be better; that there would be a progressive improvement. I tried him at this interview with that topic, saying that a future state was surely a pleasing idea. He said no, for that it was always seen through a gloomy medium; there was always a Phlegethon or a hell. ‘But,’ said I, ‘would it not be agreeable to have hopes of seeing our friends again?’ and I mentioned three men lately deceased, for whom I knew he had a high value: Ambassador Keith, Lord Alemoor, and Baron Mure. He owned it would be agreeable, but added that none of them entertained such a notion…

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