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Let There Be Rock

July 28, 2010

Over the course of July, my first month on the job here at St. Peter’s, I’ve heard a lot about how vibrant the St. Peter’s Youth Group once was. I’ve also heard many express their hopes that St. Peter’s can once again be a place with a thriving community of teens and pre-teens. 

One of my responsibilities here will be to help rejuvenate the Youth Group. And toward that end, we’ve scheduled a “Future of the Youth Group” meeting–on Sunday, August 15, immediately following the 10:15 am service (from about 11:30 am to 12:30 pm)–for parents of teens and pre-teens, and for teens and pre-teens themselves, to come together and talk about their hopes and dreams for the youth group here. It’ll also be a time for me to let everyone know some of my ideas for the youth group.

In honor of that Aug. 15 meeting and in anticipation of a thriving Youth Group here at St. Peter’s, here’s AC/DC, rocking the nave of some church in Australia in 1977.

Dig the lacy choral vestments.

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