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Dean Morris’ July 25 Sermon

July 26, 2010

For those who would like to revisit Dean Morris’ Sunday sermon, click the link below to hear an audio version:

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  1. Betsy Adams permalink
    July 27, 2010 4:45 pm

    It is wonderful to have this blog. Since I can only be in church every other Sunday, this helps me feel connected. Your comments on the Lord’s Prayer made me think of one of my favorite versions. This is from Dean John Colet (16th cent). I find the last half of the 4th petition especially thought (and prayer) provoking:

    The Seven Peticyons of the Pater-Noster

    O father in heuen, holowed be thy name amonge men in erthe, as yt is among angels in heuen.
    O father, lette thy kyngedom come: and reygne amonge us men in erthe, as thou reygnest amonge thy angels in heuen.
    O father, thy will be fulfylled, that is to say, maks us to fulfyy thy wyll here in erthe, as thy angels do in heuen.
    O father, gyue us our dayly sustinaunce always and helpe us, as we gyue and helpe them that haue need of us.
    O father, forgyue us our synnes done to the, as we do forgyue them, that trespas agaynste us.
    O father, lette us not be ouercome with temtacyon.
    But, o father, delyuer us from all euylles. AMEN

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