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Adult Ed, Sunday Mornings, Thursday Evenings

July 22, 2010

St. Peter’s Education and Formation Committee is happy to announce that beginning in August–on Sunday, August 1, actually–St. Peter’s will again offer an Adult Education Hour on Sundays, 9 – 10 am (between the 8 am and 10:15 am services). The opening discussion series–which I’ll be guiding–will focus on the lives and writings and personal pilgrimmages of four fascinating American Christians: Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, Flannery O’Connor and Walker Percy–as portrayed in the book, The Life You Save May Be Your Own, by Paul Elie.

Each Sunday’s discussion topic will then be offered again the following Thursday evening, 6 – 7 pm (the idea being that if you cannot make it on Sunday for some reason–we’re especially thinking of choir members and sacristans and others who are busy from 9 – 10 on Sundays–then you can come on Thursday evening).

It is our sincerest hope that adult ed, 9 – 10 am on Sundays, will become as regular an offering at St. Peter’s as Sunday morning worship. And as we move on into the indefinite future, the various adult ed programs we plan to offer will each be around three to six weeks long so we can spend a decent amount of time on each topic and really sink our teeth in.

But please do not worry if you cannot make it week in and week out! We hope you’ll come as much or as little as you can. If you cannot be there till 9:30 am on Sundays and at that, only one Sunday in a great while, no worries–please join us! Regarding the inaugural topic in August, for instance, you don’t need to pick up the book we’ll be using as a resource–unless you really want to, that is.

Because we’re also planning to structure the programs so that if you’d really like to dig deep into a particular topic, there will be plenty for you to explore on your own and then bring back with you for the Sunday and Thursday group discussions.

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